Cousin Jonathan and his wife Sarah had their first child together as a married couple,  Shiloh Scotlyn Irene Berry was born on December 23, 2017 at 11:31am she weighed in at 5lbs and 8oz and 18 inches long.  Congrats Sarah and Jonathan.
Cousins Deb and Robert Titus had a baby girl on December 12, 2017.  That's right Arie Valerie Titus was born on December 12, 2017 she weighed 8 lbs and 5 oz...   Congratulations Deb and Robert!

Meet Arie's twin below, Arie and Kori were born on the same day!

Welcome Kori Lynnae Brannon!  Cousin Kavon and his girlfriend Tori welcomed Kori on December 12, 2017.  Kori weighed 6lbs & 15 oz.    Congratulations Kavon, Tori and Grandma Mimi Ramona!!!
My cousin Derise became a Grandmother for the first time this past November when her son Rapheal and his girlfriend had their child Myles Charles on November 12, 2017 in Toronto, Canada.  Congrats Rapheal and girlfriend!





A play starting our actor in the family:  Jonathan Berry!!

There is still time to see it if you haven't seen it already!

At the Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Company.

September 29 - November 5, 2017

(Ask Lynette or Shelly or Rob or Emmett; they saw it!)

Yeah Jonathan; you go cuz!


Zhane & Patrick

Welcomed their daughter   PAYTON DIOR WILDS

On September 21, 2017

Miss adorable weighed in at 8 lbs 13 oz

Congratulations Zhane and Patrick!


Pete & Morgan

Welcomed their daughter    ATURA KATHERINE HENDERSON

On August 17, 2018

Miss beautiful weighed 7 lbs 10 ozs

Congratulations Pete and Morgan!


FRIDAY JULY 14 THRU SUNDAY 16, 201 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


FRIDAY JULY 14th:   FISH FRY & Welcome  TIME: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM  at   Gabriella’s Restaurant 301 Carson St. Pgh, Pa  
                                           (Fish, fries, coleslaw, desert and drink). Pick up your bag and T-shirt. 
                                             7:00 pm -  10:00pm  Bowling at SOPHIE's Lanes:  615 Long Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235
                                             First 25 reunion paid family members bowl free (includes shoes, 2 games of bowling)...   
                                            * The Casino is close to the Pete's restaurant Gabriella's, for those that rather do that ....
                                                             ****Bring your money. For the 50/50 raffle. 
SATURDAY JULY 15:  PICNIC: - Highland Park - Lake Point Shelter  TIME:  10 am - 10 pm   Pool passes cost $1.00 per person.
                                                       Hamburgers, hotdogs, Ribs, chips, drinks - bring your  own basket with your sides for your family and to share.
                      Bring deserts for our Annual Bake-off  contest and    for desert.  We will have a program, wanting each family to do a family presentation to entertain everyone, the entire family should participate: sing a song, recite a poem, lip sync a song, do a little skit, display your talents and entertain us for no more than 5 minutes.
                                                         *** Bring lawn chairs, tents, games, valley ball, badminton, everything you want to bring for a picnic*****
                                                         ***50/50 Raffle continues – winner will be announced Sunday and need not be present.****
SUNDAY JULY 16:  CHURCH:  St. Paul Baptist Church - 6701 Penn Ave, Pgh, PA:   TIME: 10:00am - 12 noon.
                                 TIME:  12:30 pm  -  After Church stop by Lynette's house (7219    Hilliards Street, 15206..  Eat some food left over then Zoo.
                                   TIME:   2:00 PM    -  MEET AT THE PITTSBURGH ZOO -  All attending will need to meet at Entrance # 8 

    ****  Raffle winner picked and announced sometime today  (sunday)****

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Payments due June 15  (no Tshirts after this date) mail to:  Lynette Williamson

c/o - Lynette Drawn-Williamson - 7219 Hilliards Street,  Pittsburgh, PA  15206

*Fees -  Adults: $35.00 (18 & up) - Children:  $15 (6-17) – Under 5 free

*Guests  - Saturday only:  pay $15 dollars with paying family member

* In town folks - bring basket with your sides to eat and/or share
* Out of town family  - fee is covered by committee

Friday July 14 – Fish Fry / Welcome – Gabriella’s Restaurant 301 Carson St. Pgh, Pa

Fish, fries, coleslaw, desert and drink. Pick up your bag and T-shirt.  Bring your money. For the 50/50 raffle. Bowling for those who want to attend..  Casino is close for those want to do that.

Saturday July 15 – Picnic - Lake Point Shelter at Highland Park – 10am – 10pm
Hamburgers, hotdogs, Ribs, chips, drinks - bring your own basket with your sides for your family and to share. Bring deserts for our Annual Bake-off contest and for desert.

There will be pool passes for $1.00 per person.  We will have a program, wanting each family to do a family presentation to entertain everyone, the entire family should participate: sing a song, recite a poem, lip sync a song, do a little skit, display your talents and entertain us for no more than 5 minutes. 

50/50 Raffle continues until 9pm, winner will be picked.

Sunday July 16  -  St. Paul Baptist Church – 6701 Penn Ave, Pgh, PA – free Zoo passes (except new exhibit) Or Lynette’s house to chill & food if there’s some left.

This year's Reunion Fees are due June 15, 2017 , that's next Thursday.

You will not receive a newly designed T-shirt if you do not have your fee in by this date.

Please mail your fees to:
Lynette Williamson
7219 Hilliards Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Included with your fee: T-shirt, Friday's Fish Fry (will be held at Pete's restaurant), Saturday's picnic (includes hamburgers, hot dogs, and BBQ Ribs, drinks, paper products and condiments) - (All Pittsburgh folks will need to bring their sides for there family and to share if you want. You are welcome to bring your own picnic baskets for your family.) You can also bring other seasoned meat to put on the grill for your family.. You will also receive your welcome bag and reunion memory book. We request that you bring your favorite baked items to be judged in the bake-off.

Remember: There will be a 50/50 raffle starting Friday...

FRIDAY:       Fish Fry on Friday.  Bowling (may cost extra) or Casino.
SATURDAY:  Picnic at Highland Park. (Pool passes cost $1.00 per person)
SUNDAY:    Lynette's Church and the Pittsburgh ZOO (We have free passes for the ZOO)



BARRY is now a Police Officer for D. C. Metro Police


Pictures by John Ford
Pictures by John Ford
Taken from an article from the Pittsburgh Courier, see article online writen by: Rob Taylor Jr.  Courier Staff Writer


The article showcases Pete's resturant, where he took over the lease and is now running it. It talks about how Pete got his start washing dishes at Eddie's resturant on the Hill District some 40 years ago.  States that Pete has paid his dues to get to where he is now..  Leasing this building was planned to be used for a place to prepare the food for the Uber business where he takes them lunch 3 times a week.  Pete is open to the public Monday thru Saturday from 6:00am to 4:30pm...  Address of Gabriella's is: 301 East Carson Street in Pittsburgh, PA.
                             "Congratulations Pete and Morgan.. Way to go!!!"


A side note:   We are working it out with Pete that he will cater our Fish Fry dinner on the Friday of our family reunion Weekend...


Our Family Reunion (1 month and 21 days) is happening this year with or without you!!       

However we'd love to see you!        LET'S   STAY  TOGETHER!!

The fee DEADLINE IS: JUNE 15, 2017

* Your fee needs to be received in order for your T-shirt to be ordered. You will not receive a T-shirt if we do not have your money by this date.


 The reunion committee is working for you. We need time to purchase the Fridays meal, the meat for Saturday, paper products, drinks, tables cloths, and snacks. We are also making sure you have welcome bags with small promotional items, a family reunion booklet, award plaques and nice giveaways..

But we can't do it without the money!!!

REUNION DATES ARE:              July 14, 15, & 16th in Pittsburgh, PA

Send your money today to:

Lynette Williamson
7219 Hilliards Street
Pittsburgh,  PA  15206 

$35.00 for adults, 18+,  
$15.00 children between 6 -17 
Ages 5 and under free...

Guests Saturday $15 with paid family member
Saturday - bring sides for you and to share.

Family, here's a picture of our family member Pete Henderson's new resturant.

It is called

Near Station Square
301 Carson Street (Carson & 3rd Street)
Pittsburgh, PA  15219

The food is getting great reviews.  Patronize our family member
Go check it out and say hi to Pete.  Tell him who you are.







Let's congratulate our family member Jonathan Berry... Jonathan has been doing so well acting.  Jonathan just read Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech at someone's memorial as a request.  Jonathan just appeared as the famous 'Josh Gibson' in "Josh: The Black Babe Ruth" theatrical piece.


Can you say New York or Hollywood!!

If you're in Pittsburgh try to catch one of his appearances!




The picture attached is of our family member Shealyn Williamson.  She was pictured on the website for the National Society for Black Engineers.
Congratulation Shealyn!!

I was late getting this here on the message board, you can't hit the link to see it but we do have the picture,  I'm sorry Shealyn.

"Mommy look I’m on the national NSBE website J lol"  Was Shealyn's caption when she notified her Mom.

We have more Engineers in the family, are you a member of the NSBE?  If not sign up, that's the link above...








- Get a jump on paying your fee - Send payment in today!-




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Friday July 14 – Fish Fry – Our Welcome & Meet -n- Greet at Shelly’s house

Saturday July 15 – Picnic - Lake Point Shelter at Highland Park
            Sunday July 16 – Church - Next Reunion planning meeting at Lynette’s house

 *Fees:  Adults: $35.00 (18 & up) - Children:  $15 (6-17) – Under 5 free


Friday:  Fish, fries, coleslaw and drinks. Pick up your bag and T-shirt

Saturday: Hamburgers, hotdogs, Ribs, chips, drinks and - bring your own basket with

your sides for your family and/or to share.

-Bring deserts for our Annual Bake-off contest and for desert-

Family?  Traveling from out of town? NO PROBLEM – We’ve got you covered!!

*Saturday guests only $15.00 with paid family member*

Send Payments - payable to:  Lynette Williamson

c/o - Lynette Drawn-Williamson - 7219 Hilliards Street,  Pittsburgh, PA  15206




OCTOBER 2, 2016



Vanessa joined us on
September 11, 2016
She weighed in at 7 lbs 1 ounce



Family,  Lets CONGRATULATE our cousin;
For his successful run in the Live Theatrical
Production of the famous August Wilsons play



March 11, 2016 "My Condolences to Melvin's family and friends. Melvin always had a positive outlook to life and his smile brought happiness to everyone." - Nathan Arthur March 11, 2016 My condolences. Melvin will be greatly missed by many. I will miss his humor and kindness to others. ~ Becky LaBovick, Pittsburgh March 09, 2016 The man never had a bad word to say about anyone. We had some nice talks out at the benches of CHS. I'll always remember your laugh. Melvin, you will be sorely missed. God bless you, Tom
Our beloved family member:  

Melvin Rayzer  

Born July 5, 1947   passed on  March 4, 2016

RIP  RWG Uncle Melvin

We love you!

Please welcome our newest member to our family:  Zoe Felicity Jackson, she was born on February 18, 2016..  Her parents are:  cousins, Avanalist and Mia Jackson.  Zoe's brother Lil Jackson is also beeming that he has a lil sister.


Nathaniel James Conroy
Nathaniel James Conroy

Please welcome "Nathaniel James Conroy"...  bouncing baby boy of William and Alissa Conroy.  Nathaniel joined us on this earth on September 18, 2015 at 2:30pm.  He weighed 8lbs and 1 ounce and 20.5 inches long.

Alissa and baby are doing just fine...  William, Olivia and Charlie are all smiles and beeming with Joy with their new addition to the family!!!

Congratulations!!   We love you family!!

If you're on facebook say hi and wish them well and congratulate them...  

Mr & Mrs Thedrus Rayzer
Mr & Mrs Thedrus Rayzer
Hi All:

Cousing Teddy Jr.  texted me yesterday with Wonderful news ..  he and the love of his life Rosita got married on September 19, 2015.  Both are enjoying their honeymoon.  And in Teddy's words:

"Love you cuz, just go married yesterday and I am having a wonderful Birthday.  Welcome the newest Rayzer "Rosita Rayzer"

Teddy's birthday was Sept. 20th..

Welcome Rosita Rayzer to our family...   We love both of you.  

Family - Teddy is on facebook... send him congratulations if you can!!
'click picture to enlarge'
'click picture to enlarge'

I MUST STAY WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!! ...  Even though there were some family that didn't make it.  We had different members of the family pop in at different times during the weekend.  Linda, Alicia, Tylon, Shamara, Candace, James, Pete, Morgan, and David.  We absolutely loved seeing you.  Cousin Bobby the III made it and had a great time.

Check out this picture of the family...  Some members had to leave before we took the picture... we were supposed to take two pictures but I think everyone was having so much fun we forgot...     

I'll try to get a copy of the pictures we took during the reunion out on our website (HERE).. BY THIS WEEKEND!!!  

MODERN FAMILY      by Brandi Gongaware July 19, 2015

Family dinner and togetherness fall by the wayside
Making room for glued faces to screens instead of glued faces to other faces Communication is brief And lacks emotion
Visits turn to calls   Calls turn to texts      Texts turn to silence
Silence leads to regret
Missed chances at laughter        Missed chances at new memories
We connect on a weaker level of likes and hearts
Instead of hugs and handshakes
One week        Two weeks      Three months of pseudo correspondence
All we know is what we see on our devices
Babies are born Earlier generations are dying
And all we can afford is a smile or a frown in the form of an icon
Families are not static
They are moving, living, growing, and changing
Every day        Every minute        Every second
Technology is growing
Every day         Every minute       Every second
A blessing and a curse
A like is not a hug
A tag is not a conversation
Let yourself get lost in memories of your grandparents
My grandmother told me a woman should have a ring on every finger
How would I type          How would I fit my hands in my pocket
I laughed at the notion
and I still do whenever my husband askes me what I want for Christmas
Well, Nookie said I need a ring on every finger,    So make that happen
You won't
remember a post from ten years ago
But I remember that story from almost twenty years ago
Our memories sometimes are all we have
My mother        Your mother        Your father
Your brother     Your uncle           Your family will be gone one day
but they don't have to be forgotten

Hi Family:

What do you know good! We're almost a month away from the big day!!! "OUR REUNION".. ready to line dance, scavenger hunt, baseball, eat, competition, gifts, for fun, fun, fun!!

- Have you paid your fee yet? We need to pay for the dinner at Golden Corral, buy food and finish paying for the Venue... ** SEND YOUR MONEY PRONTO - AS soon as you can **

- Any items to donate for the Auction - bring them with you! - Don't forget to bring you're baked item for the Bake-off, can you bake? Let us be the judge!

- We've got TALENT!!! - let Diane, Lynette or Shelly know what talent you want to display during the program on Saturday... this includes, artist (show us your artwork), poems - recite your poem, are you a dancer - do a dance routine, Myme - do a myme routine for us..

- Get some pictures to me by the end of this week I'll use them in the reunion book.

*** CONTACT LYNETTE, SHELLY OR DIANE to tell them your T-shirt size - you can reply to this email with it if you'd like...

Reply to say hi to me, I would love to hear from you!

Love you, The Committee!




From Cousin Alissa.  'My daughter, Olivia did a great at her dance recital last night. So proud of her!!'    You Go Gi
From Cousin Alissa. "My daughter, Olivia did a great at her dance recital last night. So proud of her!!" You Go Girl.. We're all proud of Olivia... Yay!






"AJ Jacobs of Global Family Reunion & Homeaway"


Global Family Reunion founder A.J. Jacobs recently interviewed his cousin Ludacris for People magazine. (A.J. had the honor of telling Ludacris that the rapper?s great great grandfather was Jewish. So he?s mishpucha!). The GFR was also the subject of a wonderful article in New York Family magazine. Lots more local and national press coming up!

Congratulations to Diane, winner of our HomeAway "I Am A Cousin" Twitter Contest! Her winning photo is shown below.  (well here it's above - it's my entry in the contest).....

see:      for more info and tickets

see:    for rentals 


Hi Family, continue visiting the site: Thank you: -

(T-shirt design & our slogan will be displayed there and on facebook group)

1. Bring a friend or other family member to Saturday's events. They can enjoy the good food and all the fun (games, program, etc) ** see the invite poster below, I will also attach so you can forward to your friends you want to invite.

2. Share your talented gift with us, bring your talent to our family talent showcase on Saturday and display it during the program: be it singing, dancing, artist, visual arts, jewelry making, playing an instrument, or different crafts..

3. If you want you're families pictures in the Reunion family book please send me your pictures.

4. Please give us items you want to donate for the auction (last time I donated a Coach purse) and also items we can use as prizes to give away... *** Thanks for those who have sent in their Reunion payments: money is being used pay for food, venue, and everything to make your event as enjoyable as possible. ****

--------------------------- Here's what the invitation says ---------------------------

Rayzer Family Reunion
Your’e   invited

When:  July 18, 2015
Where:  Penn Hills Community Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Time:  Noon – 10:00pm
Cost:  $15.00 with at least one paid family
Member (pay with family member or call Lynette at (412) 247-9554) to make arrangements.
** Enjoy  fun,  food,  games  &  giveaways **


Hi..Just a note to tell you all of the Exciting things to come regarding Our 'RAYZER FAMILY REUNION' this July:

- Have FUN, FUN, FUN.... Smiley
- new information about ancestors, see old family records.
- talk to our senior UncleS and Aunts
- Listen to their stories.
- see your talented members of the family.
- eat good food.
- PRIZES....
- enjoy playing games and socializing!

Thanks to those who have sent in their payments:  Yah - They're coming in!!

- everyone else start sending in your payments so we can start paying out obligations..

Also we received a couple slogans: do you have a slogan we should use?

We'll pick the slogan in April **

==>> In the meantime take a look at the videos from the last reunion.. see them, pictures and other family reunion news here on this site...

Have a wonderfully blessed day! Love yah! Diane


JULY 17 THRU 19,  2015 – Pittsburgh, PA
Price includes:          Friday July 17 – Welcome Family Meet & Greet
                                            Saturday July 18 – Picnic w/ Program, Lunch & Dinner
                                            Sunday July 19 – Church (optional) & Left overs lunch
Fee: ADULTS - $75 (AGES 18 & UP) CHILDREN - $25.00 (ages 6 -17, under 5 free
(Price includes: events, gift-pack, T-shirt & Family photo)
  ** This is a REMINDER:  2nd $25.00 - payment due April 15, 2015 **
Send payments payable to:   Lynette Drawn-Williamson  
                     7219 Hilliards St
                    Pittsburgh, PA 15206
                (In subject line:   Rayzer family Reunion)
** Want more information see website: or email Diane at **


Cousin Justin - Talking about his calling and his passion... March 2015  - He is a certified Respiratory Therapist.


Our family member KaShawn Williamson is now serving in the United States Army. Section of the National Guard.

In the "3rd Battalion 13th Infantry Regiment BCT"

Here's a little bit of what KaShawn did this past week.

Family and friends, it's been another great week of training! Last week your Soldier In Training (SIT) went through the Confidence Gas Mask Exercise, otherwise known as the "gas chamber." The purpose of going through this exercise is to teach your SIT to trust his/her equipment. They can move their head in all directions and even run in place while the protective mask continues to be sealed from outside contaminants. Of course at the end, they get to actually feel the physical effects of tear gas (CS gas, which stands for 0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile).

To read more visit..


Our family member Shealyn Williamson,  a junior studing Energy Business and Finance and Energy Land Management at the Pennsylvania State University.

This spring for her Spring Break Shealyn traveled to Panama on a global brigade to teach the Panamanian locals about financial literacy. While other young adults are living it up in Florida partying Shealyn is giving back, helping others and seeing how others live and learning about land, energy and finance in other countries.

Way to go Shealyn!


Barry Smith Jr by Chris Squier 2015
Barry Smith Jr by Chris Squier 2015
Basketball has taken Barry Smith Jr. to many different places. Now, it has finally brought him back home. Smith, a 2009 Penn Hills graduate, is using his final season of eligibility at Point Park University, where he has excelled in the short amount of time he has been there. With averages of 12 points and 9.2 rebounds per game, the 6-foot-7, 180-pound forward is the fourth-leading scorer and best rebounder for the Pioneers, who were 14-11 overall and 6-6 in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference of the NAIA, through their first 25 games. It wasn't that long ago that Smith never would have imagined his hoops career coming full circle. ?It's been a roller coaster,? Smith said. ?The biggest thing is there's no place like home.? After graduating from Penn Hills in 2009 with career averages of 15 points and seven rebounds per game, the three-year starter's ACT score was not high enough to pass the NCAA Clearinghouse standards, so he enrolled at The Kiski School in Saltsburg for the next season and averaged 21 points and 12 rebounds per game. That got the attention of The Citadel military college located in Charleston, S.C. The strict regimen, including early wake-ups, marches and uniforms, weren't exactly ?my cup of tea,? said Smith, who averaged 6.3 points and 2.4 rebounds per game. So off he went to Bethune-Cookman in Daytona Beach, Fla. Smith soon realized the Wildcats were not the right fit for him either, even though he averaged 5.4 points and 4.1 rebounds per game for the Division-I school. He also was beginning to miss his family and hometown. Smith said his journey made him older, wiser and more mature, and led him to make the decision to return to the area to provide a home for his 1-year-old son, Bryce. Along with being a father, playing basketball and working toward a degree in criminal justice, Smith also works part-time at Office Max. It's quite the workload, especially with a young child at home. ?For the first six months, (Bryce) didn't sleep too much,? said Smith, who resides in an apartment in Monroeville. ?It's much better now.? Another bonus of being back home is his parents, Barry Smith Sr. and Camille Smith can attend their son's games. They only saw him a handful of times while he was playing out of state. Smith Jr.'s younger brother, Derrick, who also played at Penn Hills, competes for CCAC-Boyce, and the brothers go to each other's games whenever they can. It wasn't that long ago when basketball began to feel like the grind of a job to Smith. Now, stepping on the court is like playtime. ?I'm just having fun again,? he said. ?Before, basketball was getting to be frustrating. This year, the fun came back for me.? Pioneers coach Bob Rager said that Smith is a perfect fit for Point Park's up-tempo game. ?We're kind of a run-and-gun team, and we try to score a lot of points,? Rager said. ?(Smith is) real long and athletic. We can do a whole lot of things with athletes.? Rager added that Smith has the potential to play overseas and make a career out of basketball. ?I wish I had him another year or two,? Rager said. ?His best years are ahead of him.? Ed Phillipps is a contributing writer for Trib Total Media


We have a baby girl bundle of JOY addition to the family born on the first day of the year.  That's right   -     Symone was born on January 1, 2015 to Dajah and Simon..


This hansome baby is one of the newest additions to our family.   Caymus William Rayzer was born on December 31, 2014 to Ashley King and John Rayzer III...



  The Train of Life
At birth we board a train and meet our parents. We believe they will always 
travel by our side.

However, at some station, our parents will step down 
from the train, leaving us on this journey alone.

As time goes by, other people will board the train, and they will be 
significant - siblings, friends, the love of your life, children, and many 
others. Some will step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others will go so
unnoticed that we won't realize they vacated their seats.

The train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, 
good-byes, and farewells. 

A successful ride requires having a good relationship with all passengers. We must give the best of ourselves.

The mystery to everyone is, we do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer the 
best of who we are. 

It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind 
beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of 

I wish you a joyful journey on the train of life. Recap success and give lots 
of love. More importantly, thank God for the journey.

Lastly, I thank you for being one of the passengers on my train.

(Submitted by Oliver "Boom" Rayzer, Jr.)



R  A  Y  Z  E  R    F  A  M  I  L  Y     R  E  U  N  I  O  N
J U L Y  17  -  19,  2015
P  I  T  T  S  B  U  R  G  H,    P  A

THE FIRST $25.00 PAYMENT is  DUE FEBRUARY 1, 2015 (non-refundable)

Make check out to:   “Lynette Williamson”

In memo section add:   “RAYZER REUNION”

Lynette Williamson
7219 Hilliards Street
Pittsburgh, PA  15206



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